Business Consulting

Are you an entrepreneur who needs the analytical approach of an industry expert to deliver solutions? Certified Exit Planning Advisor and Business Consultant Keith Atneosen will assist you in making your business operations more functional by deep diving into current issues and implementing solutions.

What is business consulting?

Business consulting involves assessing and analyzing company organization and operations to restructure departments, streamline processes, and identify drains on financial and material resources for expense reduction.

Business consultants often focus on developing strategies to improve the efficiency of a specific branch of company operations, such as marketing, supply chain & logistics, human resources, hiring/employee retention, and more. Consultants will also restructure entire departments for optimal productivity and a smoother workflow.

The differences between business coaching and business consulting

Meeting in officeA business coach is a mentor who prioritizes long-term goal-setting through personal and professional challenges. A coach builds your leadership abilities, motivates your team to collaborate and align with company values and goals, and keeps you focused on achieving goals.

A business consultant develops comprehensive solutions for improvements in operations management. For example, a business consultant will analyze stagnancy or decline in your sales revenue by assessing your sales floor, key results areas, constraints, and supply chain & logistics. Then, they will develop and implement changes for your business to capitalize on those key results areas, reorganize your sales department, and streamline shipping for cost-effectiveness and quality control.

Generally, business coaching involves bringing long-term potential challenges, goals, and aspirations into consideration, while business consulting focuses on creating solutions to current challenges. Clients seeking a business coach want guidance to feel empowered in scaling their business. Clients seeking business consultants want expert-developed solutions to the obstacles in operations management to create a more efficient daily workflow.

When should you hire a business coach or consultant?

You may need the services of a business coach:

  • =To become reoriented toward the long-term goals you have for your company.
  • =To help you determine the values of your company and increase employee engagement.
  • =To motivate your business partner and team to collaborate in tackling challenges and completing objectives as efficiently as possible.
  • =To build leadership development in business owners, executives, managers, etc.

You may need the services of a business consultant:

  • =To offer an analytical approach to solving challenges in specific branches of your company.
  • =To review service, organization, and partnerships to determine functionality and productivity.
  • =To assess results for modification for future reference.

What should I expect from a business consultant?

You should expect technical solutions to the immediate challenges your company is facing at the moment. Expect an analyst who will make departmental and organizational improvements, create action and performance plans to implement solutions, and establish procedures and strategies to sustain productivity and efficiency.

If you reside in the greater Coeur d’Alene area, including in Post Falls, Hayden, or Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, or Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington – or are an international client – contact Business and Executive Coach Keith Atneosen for comprehensive consultingservices today.

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