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Are you an entrepreneur who needs professional development of a business exit strategy? Certified Exit Planning Advisor and Business Coach Keith Atneosen will assist business owners and entrepreneurs craft a comprehensive exit plan. Leave your business confidently with financial security and a successful transfer of ownership on your terms.

What is an exit planning coach?

Exit planning advisorAn exit planning coach guides business owners in preparing for their next phase of life. By hiring an exit planning coach, business owners strategize to reduce potential tax burdens, build optimal business value, define their stipulations, and receive optimal financial returns upon leaving their business. An exit planning coach will also assist entrepreneurs in establishing a business legacy by choosing a familial successor, creating a comprehensive estate plan to secure all assets, and creating a business generosity plan to donate to philanthropic causes.

What does exit planning mean?

An exit plan is a process of transferring stewardship of your company. Common exit strategies include selling stakes to an investor or firm, liquidation, passing your business on to a successor, or employee or management buyouts.

Developing a business exit strategy will be customized according to the financial status and value of a client’s business and their personal and professional goals and stipulations.

Why is it critical for business owners to plan for an exit strategy?

While a business strategy is to begin optimally running your business with purpose and direction, an exit strategy is critical in leaving your business in optimal standing. You will take your earnings with you upon exiting and create a legacy plan to secure your assets with a strategy.

With an exit plan, you will also have a voluntary and involuntary exit strategy to prepare for your best and worst-case scenarios. Without an exit plan, business owners risk losing money, assets, and any significant say in the future of their company.

What are some elements of a successful exit strategy plan?

Setting an exit goal:

clients will decide how they want to exit their business. For example, many entrepreneurs set a final revenue goal to initiate an exit date.


use market analysis to identify your current market value to strategize valuation improvements to appeal to your ideal prospective buyers. Coaches create a strategy for your business to reach the optimal sales value needed to fund your exit.

Improve profit:

using financial assessments such as a Comparative Benchmark Report and Projections Report, an exit planning coach will create an action plan for financial goals to remain competitive in the marketplace and create a 5-10 year projection of your growth.

Estate and legacy planning:

secure your cash, securities, and assets and confirm their distribution to beneficiaries according to your wishes.

Charitable and philanthropic planning:

contribute to the organizations and causes you care about, making a lasting impact.

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