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How Would You Define a Successful Business?

Chances are, if you are like most owners, it includes some of the following goals:


Confidence in personal financial independence


Effective stewardship of the business in the next season


Finding a path forward to achieve success for all stakeholders


Developing an incredible team


Working fewer hours


Doing more of what you love


Establishing a meaningful and lasting legacy

If you also happen to be like most owners, chances are your current reality doesn’t quite reflect the desires you have for the future.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can find freedom to transition the ownership of your business with financial confidence, work fewer hours, have a great team, and leave a lasting legacy.

Our services help you to gain clarity and take control over the four critical elements of successful businesses – Time, Team, Money, and Future.

Strategic Business Review

Through an industry comparative benchmark analysis, see where your business’s key metrics compare versus your competitors:

  • Gain key insights for improving the health and value of your business
  • Identify specific areas to focus your strategic planning
  • Develop next steps to achieve your goals

COST: $500

Exit Planning

This service provides a clear picture of where your business and personal financial situation intersect:

  • Utilizing a market analysis gain a reasonable expectation of your business’s current market value
  • Develop a personal financial projection to identify what proceeds are needed from a business sale to fund your next season of life
  • Legacy, estate and philanthropic planning services as needed

Value Building / Business Coaching

We assist clients in building value through one-on-one and leadership team coaching:

  • Identify the challenges and opportunities within your organization
  • Design and implement strategic plans
  • Review processes and systems management, including: opportunity/problem identification, data analysis, process improvement, and process documentation
  • Create a plan for developing the next generation of leadership
  • See results through inspiring participation from your team
  • Annually benchmark and track business valuation improvements

Expense Reduction

The initial no-cost meeting is typically no more than 15-30 minutes. During this session, we will gather basic information about your organization to determine which employee retention, AP automation and other services you may qualify for including potential revenue gain opportunities.

We help companies reduce costs and expenses through:

  • Automating payments
  • Assisting employees with earned wage access and financial tools
  • Healthcare savings programs
  • Enabling shippers to reduce spend and streamline shipping
  • Many other savings solutions are available!

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