Spokane Valley, WA – Overview of a Business Coaches Value Building Services

Written by Keith Atneosen

April 18, 2023

A business owner’s value-building efforts will determine their prospective buyers, investors, strategic partnerships, and collaboration opportunities. Your business worth will also influence the success of your exit, transition, and succession strategies. It’s essential to plan a sustainable strategic approach to value-building for success.

It requires quantifiable and qualifiable improvements and efforts. Working with a certified business coach to take practical steps toward improvement will help you cultivate the most optimal value for your company in your industry.

Why Value-Building Is Essential to Business Success

Value-building is necessary to determine your profit potential, expansion opportunities, and overall competitiveness. When executed efficiently, value-building will put you at a competitive edge, increase your economic value, earn the interest of major financial buyers and contributors, attract strategic partnerships, and increase your expansion opportunities to global markets. 

Overview of My Value-Building Services

Value-building involves implementing strategies to improve sales revenue, attract more customers, keep returning customers, capitalize on key results areas, minimize or eliminate constraints, and streamline operations and processes for optimal functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Calculating your current economic value: I use a financial assessment to determine your business worth if sold to an outside buyer by using three valuation methods.

  • Increasing sales revenue: I help clients strategize to achieve higher sales quotas. Then, we implement a strategic plan to reach new financial goals, create a 5-10 year projection of company growth, and benchmark progress.

  • Invest in optimal marketing: business owners benefit the most from marketing tools that analyze data to create more compelling and personalized campaigns, update social media, generate leads, and measure conversion rates.

  • Promotions and loyalty programs: using strategic partnerships or collaborations, we’ll strategize promotions to enter new markets, expand your consumer base, and gain more potential subscribers.

  • Strategic planning: you’ll receive guidance in creating a strategic plan to achieve goals of higher sales, more expense reduction, staff development, leadership development, creating an engaging company culture, and more.

  • Improved systems and processes: we’ll explore the latest software and technological applications to maintain critical communication throughout your business, for departments to gain easier access to data, and effectively manage inventory. Enhancing your systems and processes increases efficiency in operations, productivity, process documentation, communication, and accessibility.

  • Staff development: cultivating a staff with excellent performance ensures business operations run efficiently and smoothly with minimal direction. Helping them develop their skills is significant in continuing to provide quality goods and services in your absence and appeals to investors and prospective buyers.

  • Setting up other significant plans: having a business, business exit, and succession plan will make investors more confident in your business so they won’t sell their stocks once you retire or exit.

  • Track Progress: we’ll track your progress in building your business value.


Business owners who seek to work on building their company’s worth today can book a consultation with me for expert assistance. 

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