Spokane Valley, WA – Searching for an Exit Planning Business Coach / Advisor?

Written by Keith Atneosen

December 28, 2022

It is beneficial to prepare for your next phase of life as early on as possible to achieve the business growth and success necessary for exiting with optimal rewards. The earlier you develop an exit plan, the sooner you can build value, finances, and resources for a smoother exit.

Your exit plan is confirmation you will reap the financial rewards you’ve earned and leave your company in the best way possible to operate efficiently or satisfy all stakeholders. With a carefully developed plan:

  • You will know who will take over your business and have confidence in your decision. 
  • You will be able to decide how much involvement, if any, you want to have in your company after your exit. 
  • Your stipulations will be a priority. 
  • You will receive optimal financial benefits while minimizing potential losses by choosing the best compensation strategy for your personal and professional fulfillment. 
  • You will secure your assets with an estate plan. 
  • You will have the opportunity to maintain a lasting legacy.

Exit Planning Services Overview


  • I use a market analysis to clarify your company’s current market value. 
  • I will use financial assessments to create a personal projection of the revenue growth needed to fund your next season of life. 
  • I provide legacy, estate, and philanthropic services.  

Your business valuation worth plays a significant role in your exit opportunities. I will conduct financial and behavioral assessments and implement sales strategies to help increase the value of your business.

A Brokers Opinion of Value report will inform you of your business worth if sold to a third party using three different valuation methods. Additionally, my Projections Report creates a 5-10 year financial projection: these assessments of your finances and profitability are keys to developing and implementing a strategy for valuation improvement.

Valuation combines profitability and optimal productivity – investing in a business consultant to work with you to create and implement a strategy in any area of your business needing improvement will be an invaluable asset in your exit planning process. For example, you will learn retention strategies for top-performing employees by completing my TTI Success Insights® Management-Staff assessment.

Saving money is a necessity in completing an exit plan. I will assess your departments and operations management to implement expense-reduction strategies such as payroll shrinkage, streamlining business processes, and more.

Exit Strategy Options 

I will conduct a strategic business review and exit planning analysis to determine your best options:

  • Sell stake to investors.
  • Merger and Acquisition.
  • Create an ESOP.
  • Choose a successor.
  • Management/employee buyout.
  • Liquidation.
  • File for bankruptcy.

Inquiring clients who wish to receive comprehensive exit planning coaching services can book a consultation with me. I am happy to help you effectively prepare for your next phase of life, create a legacy, and enjoy financial freedom.


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